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The mission of our company is to provide the highest quality services and solutions in the field of wood protection and decoration. We proudly supply our products to leading furniture manufacturers in Poland and abroad. The distribution of our products is handled by a highly specialized wholesaler network with a wide range of operations. Protecting and refining the wood surface is our passion - we know everything about dyeing.

We create - We constantly improve - We implement

Our many years of experience, modern technological solutions and specialized staff make us an expert in the field.

Our goal is quality, individual approach to the customer, and trust - which is why a team of chemists, colourists and technicians will help realize any order - even an unusual one.

We have been building a brand for our clients for over 30 years.

We strive to make the Sopur brand widely known as a synonym of the highest product and business standards. This is our strategy. We set ourselves ambitious goals, and with determination we try to realize them for the benefit of the company, our employees, and our clients. We actively observe the market and meet its expectations. Thanks to these processes, we have become pioneers in the area of production of wood oils, stains and varnishes. Our newest product is the Newcolours line of wood paints for painting furniture at home. Having the potential in the form of committed employees, we believe that there are no challenges that we cannot meet. We understand that even the greatest effort isn’t worth much if it doesn’t end with meeting the goal.

We have been producing wood stains, varnishes and oils since 1987. Our pride are primarily our wood stains, which we produce in countless shades in many product versions: Nitro Stain, Pastel Stain,Solvent-based Stain,Water-based Antique Stain, Stain for Floors, Stain Special - these are only some of products popular among furniture manufacturers for many years. We provide expert knowledge to furniture manufacturers and carpenters, we advise and implement the best solutions.

A wide range of stains is complemented by wood varnishes. Among them, water-based varnishes are particularly important, which we were one of the first to develop, investing in the most modern, ecological technologies. Our Solak Hydro Plus water-based varnishes are products based on the highest quality acrylic and urethane dispersions. Depending on the application, they are available in a multilayer and undercoat versions, colorless or colored, as well as in a thixotropic system. Colored lacquers can create transparent, semi-transparent, or opaque coatings. We adjust the parameters of varnishes to the individual needs of clients in order to best meet the expectations.

Wood oil is another product that has gained immense popularity among lovers of wooden furniture, as well as floors and stairs. The oil penetrates the wood, strengthening and nourishing it. It prevents it from cracking, allows it to breathe, makes it water-resistant. It is very pleasant to the touch, with a velvety gloss. Our Hard Oil for Furniture and Nano Oil for Flooring are products that form hard coatings, very resistant to scratches, temperature and fluids used in the household. They are available in many colors, also in very fashionable ones: whites and grays. In addition to oiling furniture, aging wood is also fashionable. For customers looking for this type of effect, we have prepared a whole range of specialized products. Patinas, wood aging stains, these are only some of the products most often chosen to age the surface.

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