Various wood products

Wood is our specialty - we know exactly what to use to extract beauty from individual types of wood. In our offer you will find plenty of wood stains, patinas, varnishes, oils, paint removers, paint thinners, concentrates, disinfectants, and many other wood products. Check it out!

Wood stain manufacturer

Various types of wood products differ in composition, which influences certain properties. We offer water- and oil-based wood stains, in various types and colours. We also recommend our wood antiquing agent which will help you give your furniture an antique, precious character. Are you wondering how to decorate a piece of interior furniture? Or perhaps you want to protect the surface of a wooden deck floor? Check out the wood stains and patinas available on the manufacturer’s offer!

Wood varnish straight from the manufacturer

Do you want to give your wooden furniture or other wooden interior design elements an elegant, luxury look? Just use a wood varnish with specific properties on the stair railing, flooring or antique cupboard! Using a suitable product for wood you’ll achieve the exact effect you’re aiming for. In our offer you’ll find decorative wood impregnations, polyurethane-based MDF primers, and various varnishes - acrylic, water-, resin- or nitrocellulose-based. Check out all our products!

Ecological wood varnishes, flooring stains, and many others

Are you looking for a water-based varnish with special properties? Or maybe you only use ecological, environment-friendly products? Do you need the support of made-to-order industrial chemistry specialists? As a manufacturer, we have an extensive offer which will surely match many varied expectations and needs. Check out just why so many clients decided on our wood antiquing agents, stains, or floor varnishes.

Flooring and wooden tabletop oil manufacturer

We know that in order to enjoy a beautiful wooden parquet, deck floor, or small wooden interior elements, you need to take care of them. To strengthen wood against cracking or moisture, we recommend using one of our wood oils. As a manufacturer, we have many products dedicated for use on tabletops, floors, and furniture. See the properties of our hard oil, water-based oils, wood paints, and many other wood products for yourself!


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